Transformational Body & Breath Work Yoga


                                                                                                          WHAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE 

                                                                                 * Strength & Vitality     *Vibrant Energy     *Peace of Mind

                                                                                *Self Healing  *Spiritual Development  *Greater Flexibility

                                                                            *Expand Self-Power    *Greater Balance   *Increased Intuition   

                                                                                              *A Happier, Healthier, and Peaceful Life 

Transformational Body & Breath Work classes are designed for members of all levels of fitness. This integrative mind-body healing yoga combines deep stretching exercises, full-body tapping, meditative breathing techniques, and energy-building training. Deep stretching postures assist in opening up the main meridian channels, which distribute energy through the entire system. Deep stretching, twisting, and joint opening exercises improve alignment and circulation. Through body tapping, cells are strengthened, acupuncture points are opened and toxins are released from the organs and cells in the body. Meditative breathing techniques while holding simple floor postures, will help quiet the mind and strengthen the core of the body. This practice helps increase flexibility and strength, stress and fatigue are lessened and optimal health and wellness can be achieved. This class is not only beneficial for the mind and body, but it also brings vitality and joy to the spirit!