Group Meditation Classes ~ Four sessions, 60 minutes per session

Results and benefits of meditation class:

  • Find inner peace and balance
    Reduce stress
  • Create emotional balance and stability
  • Learn tools to help with anger, frustration
  • Create space for love and less pain
    Learn to radiate positive energy
  • Clarity on personal and universal questions
  • Improve sleeping patterns
  • Learn techniques to manifest destiny
  • Strengthen relationships with others by clearing energy out of your space

Basic meditation techniques covered:

  • Grounding – circulate earth and cosmic energy through the body
  • Owning personal space – clean foreign energy and rooms
  • Finding center of head – the home of the mind
  • Cleaning chakras and aura – cleansing our energy centers and energy fields
  • Learning tool of Roses – being in the present and learning how to adapt with change
  • Gold ball – gathering all personal energy back to body
  • Separations – figure eight model and physical differences
  • Healing gauge and yes/no gauge
  • Receive answers to questions in meditation